Creede prepares for Fourth of July celebrations

File photo by Lyndsie Ferrell Fourth of July celebrations are just around the corner for Creede with a list of fun activities for the entire family to enjoy!

CREEDE— Summer has finally arrived to the mountains surrounding Creede, guests are starting to come to town and fill the vacant campgrounds and snow is becoming less and less on the high peaks, so it’s time to mark the calendars and get ready for the annual Fourth of July celebrations.
The past few weeks have been packed with fun activities like the Creede Donkey Dash and Memorial Day’s Taste of Creede, but nothing compares to what is ahead. The town is known for their ability to celebrate the Fourth of July in unique and festive style. Town staff and the chamber of commerce have been working day and night to come up with a fun weekend that can be enjoyed by the entire family.
The weekend will be filled with the Colorado State Mining competitions, which are a great way to salute the town’s rich mining heritage. Mining competitions are a part of Creede’s history, dating back to the early days when mining was still active and continues as a tradition to this day. Some of the events include Jack-Leg Drilling, Hand Steeling, Mucking, Spike Driving and so much more.
The event begins on July 4 at 9 a.m. in the Days of 92’ arena located behind Basham Park on Main Street. The competitions are hosted for two days, testing the ability of miners from across the southwest region. It is free and open to the public.
At 10 a.m. the annual Fourth of July Parade will make its way down Main Street. Over recent years, the event has gained attention from spectators visiting from around the world. It is advised that those who wish to participate in the event arrive early as there is typically 10,000 or more people in the area for the parade.
The entire town comes together for the event and pulls out all the stops.
The rest of the day is full of various events and fundraisers, including the annual lunch fundraiser hosted by the Mineral County Fire Department. Businesses, restaurants, the Underground Mining Museum and Creede Historical Museum are open throughout the day.
As the night draws closer, guests are invited to participate in the Chute Out Rodeo series that offers a special rodeo in honor of the Fourth of July. The Creede Repertory Theatre will also have two plays throughout the day, including a showing of “Little Shop of Horrors” at 6 p.m. A full list of the 2019 season can be found online at
The night would not be complete without fireworks, and Creede is known for its extravagant displays. Fireworks can be viewed in several locations throughout the town.
The following day continues celebrations with more mining competitions, vendors, shopping and the annual Elks Lodge Dance on Main Street.
A full list of events can be found at or by calling the Creede and Mineral County Chamber of Commerce at 658-2374.


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