Creede Historical Society presents... 'from the photo files', 02/07

This photograph was taken about 1947 of Red Mountain Falls, southwest of Creede with L.C. Oppy at the lower right hand side. Oppy was a very interesting person. He had been a soldier in WWI, he was a mining engineer and he had jobs all over the world. Eventually he came to Creede. While in Creede he became a survivalist, which led him to build many cabins around the mountains above Creede. Each cabin was supposedly a day’s walk from the next cabin. It was during the Cold War that Oppy built the cabins “off the grid” and he stocked each cabin with many supplies. Alton Cole Collection, Creede Historical Society Archives, Catalogue #7103-AC-1020.

CREEDE— The Creede Historical Society has thousands of photos in its photo files. Unfortunately, most are not identified in any way. Often we do not know the people, the locations in the pictures or the date that the photo was taken. We need your help! If you can identify anything in this week’s photo, please call or write:
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