Creede Historical News for July 29, 2020

10 Years Ago
Mineral County Miner
July 29,  2010

Parishioner donations make new church sign
St. Augustine's Episcopal Church on South Main Street finally displays a new sign made possible through donations from parishioners and visitors. The old sign was smaller and less visible. 

New Creede resolution opposes initiatives
Town against Proposition 101 and Amendments 60 and 61. One of the major areas of concern is the affect the initiatives could have on local schools. The changes would require the state to fill in for funds lost from mill levies around the state. Cuts have already been made in most municipalities due to the current economic recession further cuts would have a devastating effect on local governments. The resolution is urging the residents to vote against these ballot measures as they believe they are not in the best interest of Colorado and local communities.

LWCR clean up plans underway
The nonprofit Lower Willow Creek Restoration Company run 50 percent by CRI and 50 percent by the city. Clean up efforts under the LWCR are underway to clean up the flood plain area and annex the property into Creede. Mining contaminants and other hazardous materials are a major concern for planners.

20 Years Ago
Mineral County Miner
 July 31, 2000

Candidates interviewed
Personal interviews with Bill Philbern, Jr and Lonnie Rogers prepared voters to cast their ballots in the Mineral County Democratic Primary for County Commissioner.

Circuit overload impacting Mineral County phone service
CenturyTel responded to Creede and Mineral County residents complaints about delays in telephone service and phone circuit disruptions. The primary problem was cited as "circuit  overloads."

2000 Outreach Program has already opened on great show
The Odyssey is brought to light for junior high and high school students. The 2000 Outreach Program will be opening its Junior High and High School targeted The Odyssey. The plot is based on that of Homer's famous epic poem. It is about a young man, Odysseus who, after fighting in  the Trojan War, is lost at sea for years.

Creede non-profits awarded band funds
The First National Bank of Creede presented checks to various Creede nonprofit organizations. The funds were collected throughout donations during the bank's annual community picnic.

100 Years Ago
The Creede Candle
July 31, 1920

Second Annual Stampede in Monte
The Monte Vista  Club stampede committee is having every effort to make this second annual event the biggest and best event of any sort that has been staged in Southern Colorado.  The Seating capacity of the grounds is being enlarged by the addition of two one-hundred foot sections of bleacher seating enclosing the bucking contests. The parking facilities for automobiles has been enlarged in extending its welcome to the public. Music will be furnished by a twenty-five piece band and free outdoor entertainment provided by a renounced aerial acrobat stage.  The unusual interest of the bucking contest will especially be gratified on August 4th, 5th, and 6th, heightened by the premium prize distributions totaling six-thousand dollars.  The Poole Show Company who operate about twenty concession stands and rides including two merry-go-rounds and a Ferris wheel will provide for hundreds at attendance.

Mineral County Scene of Outlaws Past Declination
A recent issue of the Denver Post observes the Mineral county scene of many outlaws of recent decades past has changed.  James Kirwan, examiner for the state auditor, Mr. Strong, has made a report that in the prior year, District Judge C. Wiley presided over but only one criminal case and during the past five years there has been but one jury trial in the country of Mineral County Courts.


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