Creede Class of 2021 walks to future

Photos by Lyndsie Ferrell

CREEDE — Creede School District and attending family and friends celebrated the Class of 2021 on Saturday, May 29. After an uncertain year of ups and downs, the graduating seniors were more than ecstatic to walk into their pending futures.

The small, intimate ceremony was held inside the school gymnasium and was broadcasted online for people who chose not to attend. The ceremony was kept small but was closer to normal than the previous year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Seven students walked on Saturday and the school went all out to make sure that it was a great ceremony. CSD Superintendent Keith Crispell was the keynote speaker for the event and thanked everyone who worked countless hours to make the graduation possible. Crispell and the district maintained in-person learning for the majority of the school year which offered students the unique opportunity to stay in school during the pandemic. Many students, teachers, staff and parents were grateful for the opportunity and all who made it possible.

“Graduates in the next few minutes, I hope to instill a few nuggets of wisdom to you that you can carry out those doors on a new path. I was in your seat where you are right now, literally I came in this morning and sat in each one of them,” laughed Crispell. “You may feel nervous, you may feel unprepared. You may feel uncertain, you may feel like you need more answers, but not having all the answers isn’t a bad thing because then we can start by asking the right questions. The right questions will hopefully lead you, define you and set you on the right path.”

Next, Crispell welcomed co-Salutatorians Lindsey Gammill and Fletcher Madrid.

“On behalf of the senior Class of 2021, we would like to thank Creede High School for pushing us through what seemed to be four long years. Thank you to the administration, maneuvering through the past four years could not have been easy especially the past two with all the parts running smoothly,” said Gammill.

Madrid added, “While writing this speech, I had to think. While writing, I realized I was graduating with capabilities I didn’t think I’d ever have. I’ve learned to use different types of machines and software I never even knew existed. I’ve learned that everything you do at school isn’t just to be more educated, but it helps you shape your life. Coming from Creede means getting an education no one else gets. When you come to this school you learn so much more than academics." 

Next, Fisher Leggitt gave the Valedictorian address.

“On the first attempt to writing this speech, it posed more of a challenge than what I originally thought. I contemplated using my brother’s speech from three years ago, but my mom said it wasn’t a good idea,” joked Leggitt. “Graduation is a day of reflection of the past. The memories of walking down the halls or learning how to open a locker for the first time. As I look at my classmates, a distinct memory comes to mind with every face. A memory made this year or the past 12. The impact of these seven students sitting in front of me have had on my life is close to indescribable.”

The ceremony closed with a speech from Principal John Goss.

“We have all tried to navigate the changes and challenges that we’ve seen," Goss said. "Imagine these gigantic changes as waves rushing towards shore. These technological and societal changes coming relentlessly; are you going to swim out there and surf? Or are you going to sit on the beach? Are you going to be able to adapt to the changes, will you want to? Will you welcome differences? Will you welcome the changes or live on it? This is a decision you have to make. I will leave you with one thought from Hamlet, 'This above all: to thine own self, be true.”

Photos by Lyndsie Ferrell


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