Creede BOE to consider hiring new investigator

CREEDE- The Creede Board of education convened for the regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 24 to discuss several different topics, one of which was to consider hiring a different private investigator for an incident that happened early this year.

According to reports from the district and the school’s attorney, a teacher was placed on administrative leave due to an incident between the teacher and a student outside of school. The student has also been removed from the school pending the investigation.

In a statement made by the school’s attorney Brad Miller, a report of the incident came to the attention of the school board, who took immediate action which was not in accordance with school policies and procedures. The board has since hired a private investigator to look into the incident, but in a statement made during the opening of the meeting, BOE President Damon Gibbons said that they had not heard from the investigator for two months.

“I would like to make a change to the proposed agenda. We had hoped to have a report from the investigator by this time and had placed her on the agenda to give a report on progress, but we have not heard from her in two months even though we have tried to contact her. I think we should use this time to seek legal counsel about hiring a new private investigator,” said Gibbons.

During the time that the incident occurred, the school was in the middle of changing superintendents and has publicly stated that there was a communication issue between the board and administration. Miller also stated that the school lacked the tools and procedures necessary to handle the situation according to protocol.

School board members voted to adopt the agenda as amended and decided to enter into executive session pursuant to CRS 24-6-402 to speak with Miller via phone about hiring a new third-party investigator. The board has also publicly stated that the report from the investigation would be made public once it has been completed.


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