Creede BOE looks to improve communication

CREEDE— During the Creede Board of Education meeting on June 25, the board heard a brief presentation by board member Kara Brittain. She began by explaining that one of the main concerns voiced by parents and the community in a survey held by the school earlier in the year was that there is a lack of communication from the board.
“It is obvious that they want to hear more from us. Though the meetings are covered by the local paper, I feel we need to do more to reach out to the community,” said Brittain. In a slide show, Brittain explained that she wants the board to consider a new newsletter which would highlight board meetings and be sent out directly to parents on a monthly basis.
“I think the main issue is, we have a board meeting and then parents have to wait a month before minutes are approved and released on our website. If we put out a newsletter the day after the meeting, they will know what happened within a few days. It would give them time to react and get on the agenda for the following meeting if that is what they want,” said Brittain.
Board members discussed the idea, using a template from another school as an example. One concern that was voiced by a few members, was that the letter would consist of unapproved minutes, which is not normal practice for the board. Brittain explained that that did not have to be the case if they did it correctly. “I think we could still have the newsletter looked over by two or three members of the board so that it would be approved before print.”
By the end of the meeting, board members opted to have a draft template ready for discussion by the meeting in July. “I think if we handle this correctly and have something substantial to discuss by the next meeting, we can get this going by the fall,” said Brittain.
The board has been considering ways to improve communication with the community for the past several months. Board members also discussed hosting a special meeting on occasion that would be held in the evening, rather than in the middle of the day, which would allow parents who work to attend.
In addition to communication with the community as a whole, the board has also worked to improve communications between themselves and the county commissioners, who have been holding joint meetings once a month or when necessary.


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