Creede BOE discusses survey results

Dr. Dave Robinson explains how the survey was compiled by a group of teachers and staff known as the District Accountability Committee (DAC). Photo by Lyndsie Ferrell

CREEDE— The Creede Board of Education held their monthly meeting in the lecture hall at the Creede School on Tuesday, April 23. During the meeting board members listened to a presentation by Dr. Dave Robinson based on the results gathered from a school-wide survey that had recently been completed.
According to Robinson, the survey was complied by a group that consisted of staff members and teachers throughout the 12 grades at the school known as the District Accountability Committee (DAC). The committee was formed in order to help resolve some of the concerns that were being brought to the board from both community members and parents.
Throughout the past several weeks, DAC members looked through hundreds of survey examples, searching for one that they could use as a model for the Creede School District. Once a survey model was found, DAC members spent countless hours creating 25 questions for parents, teachers and staff to formulate the most important issues so the board could begin to address them immediately.
Robinson stated that the survey was posted on the school website for two weeks and several notices went out to those who could participate throughout that time. “We actually exceeded our expectations on the number of participants for this survey and we are pretty happy with the results,” said Robinson.
Out of the 25 questions asked, Robinson looked through the responses to find the most important issues that were raised. “I only looked at the bad answers. That was the main focus of this survey in order for us to find solutions,” said Robinson.
The results that prompted the most concern had to do with community/board communication, board/teacher and staff communication and board/parent communication. “We have been aware of this issue for many years now and with this new board I feel we can really begin to reach a resolution,” said School Board President Damon Gibbons.
Robinson continued his presentation stating that the board has plans in place to begin working on communication issues and to be more transparent to the community, students, staff, teachers and parents.
“We have begun to record our meetings and making the recording available to the public through our website; once a semester we will be hosting an evening meeting that will allow those who can not attend during our regular time a chance to do so and we are also meeting with the county commissioners on a regular basis to work on the communication issues there,” explained Robinson.
The board stated at the end of the presentation that they had learned a lot through this first survey process and planned to change things in order for the survey to be more accurate in the future. “This was our first parent focused survey and we learned a lot,” said Robinson. The board hopes to have a yearly survey similar to this from now on.


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