County courthouse, town on track

Crews swarmed the Mineral County Courthouse construction site on Tuesday, April 16, to keep on schedule for opening ceremonies in early June.

CREEDE— The Mineral County Board of County Commissioners raced through their meeting in approximately one hour on Tuesday morning, April 16, and the Town Board of Creede met on Tuesday night. Before, during and after the meetings, crews covered the courthouse construction site like worker bees at the hive.
Mineral County Administrator Janelle Kukuk raised four issues during her report. For security, she discussed a bid to create a new set of keys for the health clinic. They also addressed writing a draft resolution opposing water export from the Rio Grande Basin.
Next, Kukuk broached the subject of the clinic’s dental contract, followed by a talk about Runway Reconstruction Design.
Lori Dooley presented a dental clinic update for commissioners. Also serving on the Creede Town Board, Dooley carries on the tradition of representation in the old mining town.
Looking ahead, Mineral County has multiple important projects to tackle, the first of which is to purchase the current landfill from the U.S. Forest Service and set it up for the future.
Completing the courthouse for a grand opening in early June is another project at the top of the Mineral County to-do list. As foot and car traffic increase with temperatures, crews are hustling daily to meet the deadline.
The Town Board of Creede met later on April 16 to discuss symbolic and concrete challenges. First, they addressed a specific deed restriction affecting a Creede resident, perhaps looking ahead for an accommodation. Considering text to make the City of Creede a Second Amendment Sanctuary grabbed attention, also raising the question of hiring law enforcement for the Town of Creede.
But the biggest topic on the agenda was the comprehensive plan for Creede. Like most towns, Creede needs a comprehensive plan that stays ahead of sewage system repairs, water treatment problems and other infrastructure issues that can affect a town over time.
Although the board of county commissioners for Mineral County and the Creede Town Board overlap communities, they split jurisdictions and face challenges together and alone. Elected officials from both entities meet regularly throughout the year.
According to the City of Creede mission and vision statement signed at the end of 2013, “Having open and cooperative relations with both local, and area governments” is a key to success.


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