Community continues long-time Memorial Day tradition

By Lyndsie Ferrell
CREEDE— Not many towns across the U.S. share a special event like the Memorial Day celebration in Creede every year. The event is unique and has taken place for many years.
When asked, several members of the Elks Lodge 506 can’t really recall when the event began. “It is a great opportunity for the community to gather and honor those who have served and those who are still serving. We get a lot of gratitude from the community for hosting the event and we love to do it,” said Elks Lodge member Jim VanRy.
The Creede Choir opened the ceremony with a rendition of America the Beautiful and other patriotic songs as guests began to gather in Basham Park around the Jim Basham Memorial. Prior to the event, the Elks Lodge reaches out to the community for a list of names for active or past military family and friends that can be read during the ceremony to honor those who have or are continuing to serve.
The ceremony began with a speech from Mineral County Commissioner and Elks Lodge member Scott Lamb. Lamb spoke on behalf of the veterans around the world and those close to home and thanked them for their service and some for the ultimate sacrifice. Creede, like many communities, has fallen heroes who are honored every day and highlighted for their service on Memorial Day.
With the recent events happening across the nation, small towns like Creede and even larger communities are pulling together to keep each other safe and remain patriotic in the face of opposition. Throughout the years that the event has been held, there is a reoccurring theme that resonates through the keynote speakers. The strength of the community at home, while soldiers fight for their cause is what makes their sacrifice worthwhile.
More than 100 people showed up on Monday, May 28 to honor those that serve and many could be heard talking about how important the ceremony was and how it had impacted their day by attending. “People really appreciate what we do and that makes the effort worth it,” said VanRy.

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