Comet NEOWISE closest to the Earth July 23

Photo by Nils Ribi

OUTER SPACE – In the San Luis Valley we are blessed with dark skies that allow us to see the solar system like few places in the world. This week you will hopefully be able to see a new addition to our night sky. The Comet NEOWISE will be closest to the Earth  Thursday, July 23. Cloud cover permitting, look for the comet by facing northwest just after sunset. Most likely you will need binoculars or a telescope to better see the comet. To see NEOWISE, locate the Big Dipper and then look in the space below the “cup” of the Big Dipper between the moon and the constellation. You can also expect to see a meteor shower associated with NEOWISE. If cloud cover obscures your visibility, NEOWISE will still be located in the same vicinity each evening through July 26.


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