Coleen E. Hurzeler (McDonald)

MONTE VISTA —Coleen E. Hurzeler (McDonald) was born in Oklahoma March 17, 1921.  Her parents, Jim and Rhae McDonald, moved the family to Monte Vista, Colorado during the tough economic conditions of the 1930s.  She and her brother, Robert Patrick McDonald and her sister Jeannine McDonald (later McKibben/ Warmack) attended Monte Vista schools.  Coleen graduated from Monte Vista High School with the Class of 1939.
World War 2 interrupted the next part of Coleen’s life.  She moved to Camp Roberts near San Luis Obispo, California where she married her Monte Vista boyfriend/soldier, Jim Hurzeler.  Their marriage lasted 70 years until Jim’s passing in 2012.
Jim and Coleen moved to California after the war and resided in Gardena and Hawthorne before moving to Palos Verdes Estates in 1954.  Coleen lived in the Palos Verdes home until her last few years.  After Jim died, her sister, Jeannie, moved in with her and provided love, support and assistance.  By the time Coleen reached 95 years of age, she needed further support and moved to Sunrise Assisted Living of Palos Verdes, where she lived out the rest of her life until her passing at age 98 Dec. 2, 2019.  Her son, Don Hurzeler, was with her the evening before her passing and she was in good spirits…passing quickly of heart failure the next morning.  A service was held at Green Hills Mortuary near Palos Verdes Dec. 27, 2019.
Jim and Coleen had two children, Don and Pam…both raised in Palos Verdes Estates.  Together, the family were frequent summertime visitors back to Monte Vista, Colorado to visit friends and relatives.  Pam died at age 60 of a stroke.  Don lives in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.  Coleen’s parents passed long ago and her brother, Pat passed away in 2003.  Her sister, Jeannie Warmack, lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Coleen was known for her smile, her optimistic and caring manner and for her love and support of her husband, Jim Hurzeler.  She was a terrific mom, a solid employee when she worked in the credit department of the Treasury retail store and a great neighbor.  She never forgot her ties to Monte Vista, Colorado, yet loved her home and it’s terrific view on Via Acalones in Palos Verdes Estates.  She is survived by her sister, numerous nieces and nephews, her son Don and beloved daughter-in-law, Linda Hurzeler, two grand-children and five great grand-children.  Her newest granddaughter, Julia Coleen Hurzeler, was in attendance at her funeral…born just four days earlier.  Think of Coleen smiling…she loved her life, the people around her, Colorado, California and most of all, her husband, Jim.