City reaches decision on hiring process

By Lyndsie Ferrell
CREEDE— Several residents attended the meeting of the Creede Board of Trustees on Tuesday, Sept. 4 to voice their thoughts on the process the town has been considering in order to hire a new city manager. In a meeting held last month, board members heard from Henry Brull, a consultant thrView Siteough a firm out of Salida, who gave them a list of options they could consider before making a final decision.
Mayor Jeffery Larson opened a public comment period prior to turning the discussion over to the board for consideration after a brief explanation from City Attorney Karen Lintott. She explained that Brull has offered to do an assessment of current City Clerk Randi Snead if the board wants to hire her as an interim city manager while considering whether or not to hire his firm, BCG Consulting, to aid in the hiring process or to pursue a candidate on their own.
During the public comment period, several members of the public stated that they feel hiring the consulting firm for an estimated $27,000 wisas too much money to spend on something they could do themselves as a board. One member of the public stated that the board should create a job description, place ads in newspapers and network through organizations like the Colorado Municipal League. “We need to review our options and use that money for something else.”
Other audience members feel the position should be advertised before the board makes a decision to hire Snead as the interim manager. One member stated that it is the board’s responsibility to put the position out to the public and allow residents to review qualified applicants before going through an interview process. “Go through the process and be fair. Give other people a chance at the position.”
Board members allowed several members of the public to speak their thoughts on both sides, some of which felt Snead, with her experience and knowledge of the town, would be a perfect candidate for the position.
One member stated that Creede is a unique place and that the person who is chosen for the job needs to be unique and have knowledge of the area as well. “The person for this position needs to be viable. We need someone who will stay, and Randi is a local with the experience.”
Board members discussed the topic in detail before a motion was put on the table. “The most important thing is that we make this process transparent. I want it on the record that I have no horse in this race. I want that clear, but we need to make every effort to be as transparent as possible and get the best candidate for the position. We owe it to the people to do that,” stated Larson.
The first motion made was voted down, which was to hire Snead as the city manager with a six-month trial period.
Trustee Teresa Wall made a second motion to hire Snead as the assistant city manager with a six-month trial period, as well as open the position for additional candidates beginning in October. At the end of the six months, Wall proposed hiring Brull with BCG to assess Snead, as well as the finalists that will be chosen following interviews. Then the board can make a final decision. The motion carried and the topic was closed.


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