City of Creede thanks businesses and 4-H for decorating

CREEDE — Creede is looking bright and festive this year thanks to the efforts of businesses, residents, Mineral County 4-H, volunteers and organizations.

Over the past two weeks, these efforts have been noticed by people who have visited the small mountain town and though there is not much snow on the ground, the holiday season is sure to be merry and bright. 

Creede City Clerk Sarah Efthim-Williamson took a moment and thanked everyone who participated in the effort to make Creede a holiday destination which in turn brought back wonderful memories of the holidays from her youth. 

“The holiday season is my favorite time of year," Efthim-Williamson said. "When I was a kid, my sister and I would dress into our PJs, hop in the back of the car and snuggle together while our parents drove us around town to see all the lights. I wanted to help recreate that experience of childlike joy for the locals and visitors. I hope the Holiday Decoration Contest helped show how unique each Creede home and business is and how we all can come together to make our town extra magical for everyone to enjoy. Our town is one giant family, and this holiday season shows that. I can't wait for next year! But don't take my word for it, go out and see all the splendor yourself.”

The City of Creede played a leading role in helping make this a reality. Creede City Manager Louis Fineberg has enjoyed the results.

“Creede is looking very festive this year," Fineberg said. "We are happy to see everyone coming together to make the town look bright and cheerful for the holidays.”

None of the displays gracing the trees and light poles around town would have been possible if not for the help of the Creede Public Works Department who also helped decorate Basham Park with Mineral County 4-H. Public Works Director Scott Johnson reminisced about his youth and was grateful for the old-time Christmas feeling that is overflowing in Creede this year.

“Christmas is also my favorite holiday," Johnson said. "From sledding to ice skating, to hanging lights, and to getting a tree and decorating it, they have all been special times in my childhood. Seeing the lights of the season in downtown helps to capture and remind me of those special times.”


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