City of Creede says goodbye to Snead

CREEDE—Town Board members opened their mid-month meeting on Sept. 18 to discuss the resignation letter presented to the board by City Clerk Randi Snead.
Only a few weeks ago, during the meeting held on Sept. 4, the board had elected to hire Snead as the interim city manager to replace Clyde Dooley who is retiring in the near future. In the time between the two meetings, Snead was offered a position with the Department of Local Affairs and opted to accept the new position.
Board members read the resignation letter and voiced their desire to keep her on board but acknowledged their gratitude for the things she has done for the city in the time since she was appointed to the clerk position several years ago. One member of the attending crowd spoke up and thanked Snead for all of her service which was met by a round of applause.
Snead took a moment to address the board, stating that she had enjoyed her position with the town and learned a lot through trial and error throughout her years of service. “I have found my true passion through the work I have done with the city and I’m so grateful for the support and your hard work over the years,” stated Snead.
Mayor Jeffery Larson asked for a motion for the board to approve the letter of resignation which was passed unanimously. The next issue for the board to address was to appoint Deputy Clerk Krisen Buchanan as the interim city clerk. Board members made a motion to approve the proposal upon Snead’s recommendation that they consider her for the position.
“She has learned everything she needs to know to fill the position until the board decides what they want to do and how they want to fill the position. I highly recommend the board consider Buchanan for the position. I will also be available to help answer questions on projects as long as it fits into my schedule,” said Snead.
Board members expressed their thoughts on the matter, stating that it was best to have someone who has been training in-house for the last several months to help fill the position until they can decide whether or not to hire her full-time or find someone else to fill the vacant spot. “I would be more than honored to accept the position and would be happy to help in any way I can,” stated Buchanan.
Board members discussed some options on how they would proceed with hiring for both the city manager and clerk position, with Freer stating that the board really didn’t have time to mess around with an interim position. Freer asked Buchanan if she was interested in filling the position permanently, to which Krisen accepted. The board made a motion to hire Buchanan as the new city clerk which passed unanimously.
Snead has been instrumental in several projects throughout her career as city clerk including the grant funding for the new pavilion at Basham Park and aided with the grant that helped pay for the flume repair that occurred over the summer.

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