BLM plans prescribed burns at Baxter Peak and Blanca Wetlands

MONTE VISTA— The San Luis Valley Field Office in conjunction with the Interagency Fire Management Unit will be conducting prescribed burns at Baxter Peak and Blanca Wetlands this winter. Depending on weather and fuel moisture conditions, the prescribed burns could begin in early December.

The Baxter Peak pile burn project, located north of South Fork, will treat approximately 125 piles on 20 acres of BLM land. Approximately 20 acres of BLM land will be treated to improve waterfowl habitat at Blanca Wetlands.

Smoke from the prescribed burns will be visible throughout the day of the burn, mostly during the warmest part of the day. With cooler temperatures in the evening, smoke may linger and accumulate in low lying areas.

According to the Colorado Air Quality Division, “prescribed fire smoke may affect your health. For more information see”

With more than 200 ponds, marshes and playas, Blanca Wetlands Recreation Area provides excellent habitat for large numbers of waterfowl. A complex trail system winds through the area, creating a wonderful wildlife viewing experience for visitors. In addition, a waterfowl-viewing boardwalk offers exceptional bird watching opportunities.

For additional information, contact Paul Minow 852-7074 at the BLM San Luis Valley Field Office in Monte Visa.      

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