April election brings five open seats on town board

Courtesy Photo Creede City Clerk Sarah Efthim-Williamson is ready to hand out election packets to anyone interested in running for one of five seats on the Board of Trustees.

Voters being asked if they favor reducing number of trustees

CREEDE — There will be five open City of Creede trustee seats in April. This will be the largest election the city has seen since 2016 when according to Creede City Clerk Sarah Efthim-Williamson there were six candidates running for five open seats.

This year, the election will also include a ballot question that asks if the City of Creede should change the number of trustee positions from the current six, down to four. Trustees approved adding it to the ballot.

“On Dec. 21, 2021, by motion made, seconded and adopted by the majority of the Board of Trustees, the Board determined that it would be in the best interest of the city to reduce the number of trustees from six to four and adopt an ordinance calling for such an election. As a result of this change, the Board of Trustees will be a five-member board consisting of the mayor and four trustees,” city officials noted in the resolution.

Efthim-Williamson took a moment and made a list of the pros and cons associated with the ballot question that will determine the number of seats on the board moving forward.

“If the number of Board of Trustees is reduced to four, it would include a smaller, strategically engaged Board. The four Trustees would be effective at discussion and decision making as a team and there would be more of an opportunity for a quorum," she noted.

"On the other hand, the true effectiveness of the Board is dependent on the leadership of those involved, not the size. If the number of Board of Trustees is NOT Reduced to four, six trustees allow for greater representation for the citizens of Creede and more opportunity for citizens to serve. The City of Creede has always had six trustees," she continued.

"The City Council holds meetings twice a month and for the past year, due to unforeseen obligations, it has been difficult for all six trustees to gather at every meeting. Reducing the number of trustees to four plus the mayor means more opportunity for the entire board to convene, discuss and vote on agenda items," she added.

"Keep in mind: If the ballot question to reduce the number of Board of Trustees does not pass and there are not enough candidates to fill the vacant seats, the City of Creede may be required to hold a special election every 60 days until said position is filled (CRS 31-4-401). Additional elections could cost taxpayers a significant amount of money,” she stated.

Residents of Creede have until April 5 to consider all options. For more information or to collect a packet to run for any open position, visit Efthim-Williamson at Creede Town Hall, 2223 N. Main St., call 719-658-2276 or email her at [email protected].



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